Tillamook Cheese (and Ice Cream!) Factory–A Ful-Filling Day Trip

IMG 0589 300x225 Tillamook Cheese (and Ice Cream!) Factory  A Ful Filling Day Trip

Outside the Tillamook Cheese Factory

The Tillamook Cheese Factory in–where else–Tillamook, Oregon, provided a fun, half-day adventure as part of our family trip along the Oregon coast. You can take the self-guided tour through the factory, learning about how cheese is made, complete with a bird’s-eye view of the huge vats that process the cheese and the bee-like workers packaging hundreds of blocks of cheese as they move along conveyor belts. It was fun and interesting for my children to see how that slice of cheese they’re so used to eating was made and packaged. We’ve never seen anything like it before.

IMG 0577 300x225 Tillamook Cheese (and Ice Cream!) Factory  A Ful Filling Day Trip

Workers busily packaging cheese

The best part of the tour, of course, is tasting the samples at the end. You get to try several different types of delicious cheese–sharp, medium and mild cheddar, swiss, and white cheddar, to name a few. The cheese is very good, to be sure, but the ice cream is AMAZING! A self-proclaimed ice cream-aholic, I have to say this is the best ice cream I have EVER tasted (and I’ve eaten a LOT of ice cream!) There are so many flavors to choose from, it’s virtually impossible to choose just one. Lucky for us, they obligingly offer a 3-flavor and a 5-flavor sampler on their menu. I applied a bit of self-control and only had the 3-flavor sampler. My son, Dallin, an Oregon berry afficionado, insisted that I try the marionberry. Along with that I tried raspberry cheesecake and white chocolate. We each sampled the others’ flavors too, so I really got to taste about 12 flavors. All creamy, heavenly deliciousness! Someone needs to import this stuff to Arizona!

Before wrapping up our visit to Tillamook, my family couldn’t resist taking some goofy pictures in the loaf-mobile. It was a cheerful end to a ful-”filling” visit!

IMG 0580 300x225 Tillamook Cheese (and Ice Cream!) Factory  A Ful Filling Day Trip

Having fun in the Loaf-mobile

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