Roma Pass Saves Time & Money

If you’re going to spend more than one day in Rome, buy the Roma Pass. For €25, you get free admission to two tourist sites and a discount (about 30%) at many more of the most popular attractions, and unlimited use of the metro and buses for 3 days.  You can also bypass long lines at some of the busiest sites.  Definitely worth the money!  You can buy the pass at any of the participating sites, tourist information offices or the tabacchi near the Colosseum.

To get the most from your pass, go to the 2 most expensive places first–the Colosseum and the National Museum.  We were delighted to bypass a huge ticket-buying line at the Colosseum and go right in.  Your Colosseum admission also covers the nearby Palatine Hill and Forum.  Admission to the National Museum covers all four branches of the museum and counts it as one admission.

If the pass just covered admission to the tourist sites, it would be worth the money, so the 3-day use of the metro and buses is a bonus!  Be aware, however; although the metro can get you to most places easily, there is one section of Rome it doesn’t cover–the west section.  You can take the bus from there–it’s just a little harder to navigate.  A taxi is always an option, too, if you don’t want to mess with the buses.


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