Rick Steves’ Guide Books: Priceless

I’ve visited four cities in Europe now, and I have to say that without the Rick Steves guide books, I would have been lost–literally and figuratively.  Rick Steves is an expert on European travel, and his guide books are a priceless tool for planning a trip there.  The books are organized, easy to follow, hold a wealth of information about all the major tourist attractions (and some off-the-beaten-path places too), and will tell you everything you need to know, from booking hotels and flights to where to find the least crowded restrooms (or WCs–that’s water closet in Europe).  By using his books, I was able to plan all the details of my trip in advance and execute them while I was there.  I took the books with me everywhere I went and referred to them again and again.  You can also get the books online, and many free (excellent) audio tours and other information on his very helpful website www.ricksteves.com.  Don’t leave home without Rick!!


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I am a happily married to my best friend and am a mother of 4 wonderful children. I have lived in Arizona most of my life, growing up in Tempe. I love to travel and share experiences and tips with others to help them create great trips. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I include LDS-specific interests, sites and links in my travel writing.
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