I am a contented wife and mother first and foremost, travel enthusiast/writer/blogger second. There are very few places on this planet that I wouldn’t like to visit (and I might even change my mind about those).  I have been married to my best friend for almost a quarter century, and I have 4 children who bring me great joy! Traveling with them fulfills one of the desires of my heart, which is to see as many of the wonderful places on earth as I can and share it with those I love.

Travel is my passion, and so my intent with this website is to help families plan and execute great travel experiences. It is my hope that through your travels, you will strengthen your own family bonds, find ways to serve others, increase faith in God, and learn about and interact with God’s children throughout this beautiful and amazing world!

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I am trying to live a Christ-like life, placing emphasis on helping others and strengthening family relationships.  I offer LDS-specific tips to help other church members find places and things significant to our religious beliefs and history. Many of these tips will also be family-friendly and helpful to all families of any religious persuasion (or non-religious).

I grew up in Tempe, Arizona, have spent most of my life in Arizona, and I now live in a small town in the southeastern part of the state. I have also lived in Utah and Missouri, completing my college education at Brigham Young University. I have spent the better part of my married life thoroughly enjoying being a full-time mother and wife.

Some of my families’ interests are tennis, cycling, fly fishing, art, photography, reading, family history and fitness. I do my best to intertwine these interests with our travels.

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